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*SALE* Bang Juice - The Meistrix Kool - 15ml Aroma (Longfill) // Exp. 07/21

Item number: FE-12213


Woodruff with a refreshing kick!

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Are you the chosen one?

Unfortunately it´s impossible to explain what the Meistrix is. You have got to expierience it yourself. When you´ve entered it and take a look around, you will recognize what it means to feel, smell and taste it. Glowing green light bundles refreshing and tingling emotions into a intense palate oracle. Your pulse will raise and your spirit will be released. The phrophecy comes true. We show you the portal - but you have to enter it! This is your last chance. After this there´s no return. Take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and belive whatever you want to belive. Take the red pill - you stay in wonderland and we will show you how deep the Meistrix really is. Stop trying! Concentrate! You could be way faster! Try the Meistriy now!

How do the Bang Juice aromas work?

The 15ml aroma is filled in a 60ml bottle. Now add the suitable base - shake well and you´re ready to vape. No need for syringes, measuring cups or any other components.

Scope of delivery

15ml Bang Juice aroma in an orignial 60ml chubby bottle.

Graphic data

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Liquid type: Concentrate
Origin: Germany
Bottle: 60ml Chubby bottle
Ingredients: Polypropylene glycol (E1520), Flavors
Packaging unit: 48 pcs

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