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Mouth-Nose-Protection Mask - 3-layer (25 pcs shrink wrapped / 50 pcs per box)

Item number: FE-13148

3-layer face mask 

Medical face mask made of 3-layer non-woven material with elastic straps. With adjustable nose frame for anatomically correctly fit.

Packaging unit

1 Box containing 50 masks

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Front: 100% non-woven cloth (approx. 20 g/m²)
Inside: Filter media (approx. 20 g/m²)
Back: 100% non-woven cloth (approx. 16 g/m²)
Nose frame: Flexible aluminium wire, coated with plastic
Elastic band: Cotton; elastane (Lenght approx. 16,5 cm)
Mask: Lenght: 175 ± 2mm; Width: 95 ± 2mm

Product specifications

BFE > 95%
Differtial pressure < 49PC/cm²
Bioburden < 100CFU/g
Adhesive force of the elastic ear loops > 10N

Quality assurance:

MPG, Directive 93/42/EWG; EN 13485:2016
CE-Classification: Class I


3 years